Display Systems Technology

Display Systems Technology
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At D3 we push boundaries. Our track record for developing groundbreaking advancements in display performance, module construction, systems diagnostics and signal processing leads the industry.

Our products and services provide our customers with scalability, performance and reliability.

Always Powered Up

All of our systems have the option for redundant data and power components. Duplicating the critical components of the media system increases the overall reliability.

Data Delivery

Data traffic driving the displays is redundant. If there is a data delivery interruption the signal can be rerouted automatically. This redundancy ensures that rare downtime lasts seconds and stays localized—the remaining display system remains unaffected.

AdvancedElement Processor (AEP)

The definitive component driving our digital display operating systems is the AdvancedElement Processor (AEP). The AEP uses the revolutionary TrueElement™ imaging control and processing structure to transmit + receive data—bi-directionally linking D3 LED display modules and the AEP. This symbiotic connection allows the complex information exchange to occur in real time—effortlessly syncing content, schedule run data and system metrics.

Embedded Intelligence

The TrueElement™ system architecture and processing algorithms ensure the modulated signals arrive at their appropriate pixel destination and display the rich imagery as intended.


SMART Module Management

Through an imbedded local web interface users are able to view real-time data, performance statistics, run reports, adjust settings and receive alerts from the media system.

Detect - Pinpoint - Prevent

Module performance is monitored by patent-pending SMART Module management sensors and controls via real-time data exchange between the module and the operating system.

Brightness, power, and heat are the key performance factors that drive the performance, quality and condition of the LED display. The SMART Module management controls take charge of these factors for you, creating a uniform display for a maximum lifespan.

Brightness Management

Every detail of the media system is monitored by the SMART management controls—down to the individual module level—ensuring your message is displayed consistently, as intended.

Driven by Radiance

The media system is calibrated on the fly based on the ambient light conditions—dimming when night falls and automatically brightening during the day.

Multiple lighting sensors from different sites on the display surface ensure accurate adjustments across the entire display system. The SMART software processes the multiple data feeds and correlates the changes to the appropriate display modules.

Power Management

D3's TrueElement technology minimizes the voltage applied to the LEDs while maintaining constant current for display uniformity. Reduced power consumption lowers the operating temperature, extending diode life and saving energy on cooling and ventilation.

Power optimization is delivered by the SMART Module power management system. The system monitors the display for energy usage, performance, and electrical current—reacting as necessary to keep the display running smoothly and efficiently.

Driven by Efficiency

Settings can be adjusted to allot an energy usage goal—the system optimizes and budgets monthly energy usage for the display through brightness management, curbing the power needs.

Temperature Management

Automatic controls take over in the rare event of extreme high ambient temperatures to prevent damage—the display is first dimmed, then alert notifications sent.

Heat Map

Down to the individual module level, the entire display surface is represented in a color-coded heat map, viewable in the control interface. This provides an easy to understand visual that quickly identifies hot spots and heat clusters, providing and identifying the best path for cooling or ventilation.