Content Systems Technology

Content Systems Technology
Virtual Eyes - Actual Vision

Content Management

Through an embedded local web interface users are able to view real-time data, performance statistics, run reports, adjust settings and receive alerts from the media system.

Safely Matches + Allocates Resources Thoroughly

The complete digital media system is monitored by the SMART management controls—down to the individual module level—ensuring your message is displayed consistently, as intended.

Content Verification

All content is passed through the validation system before it goes live, ensuring that your message appears flawlessly. We save the cameras for interactive capabilities—there is no need for external monitoring camera facing the display to confirm accuracy as with other display systems.

Drag - Drop - Schedule

While D3 display systems are software and hardware player agnostic, we do provide an integrated software player and scheduler. This redesigned and updated version 7 software features familiar digital media player controls and allows even the most novice user to design playlists and broadcast content to the display system.

Content Compatible

The D3 Player is compatible with most modern video formats, codecs and Interactive platforms using Flash or HTML5—so little or no time is wasted on converting video formats.

Live Interactive data driven feeds from the web or RSS can be easily scheduled and loaded for up-to-the-second streaming news, information and interactivity.


Onscreen controls allow you easily select and display the content window, so you see what is being broadcast to the display system.