The Ridge at Creekside

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Integrated Digital Lighting Experience

Project Description

As part of the largest retail experience in the Sacramento metropolitan area, The Ridge at Creekside features major retail tenants, shops and restaurants. Brands include REI, Macy’s Furniture, David’s Bridal, as well as newly opening Bed Bath and Beyond and Cost Plus. Driven to create an inviting environment in fitting with the area’s rising stature as a premier shopping location, Evergreen Property Management sought to create an architecturally integrated digital lighting experience.

Enacting on this vision to promote the area and increase retail sales, architect group PWC worked closely with D3 to create a lantern style design at six major focal areas across the large outdoor retail space. Each lantern features D3’s Dynamic Linear creating a grazing lighting effect behind the architectural trellis metal work. D3 designed a unique networked control system to solve Evergreen’s desire to manage easy programming changes from the convenience of an App on their mobile electronic devices.

The Ridge at Creekside becomes an alluring space at dusk as amber beacons of light create the iconic glowing lantern look designed to welcome visitors. Vibrant hues and subtle blended color washes change to reflect holidays and special events; heightening the experience of Creekside’s guests.

Display Facts

LED Lighting:

D3 Sixty Degree Dynamic Linears DLR-HP: 181

Stick KE-1 Control System: 6

D3 Dynamic Power Data System DPD-600: 18