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Project Description

Porcelanosa, a premium supplier of tile, kitchen, and bath products selected D3 to design and install a high resolution LED display in their brand new New York City showroom. Launched September 6, 2015, the breathtaking magnitude and the high-resolution of the display, coupled with stunning graphics generate a profound visual impact, resulting in an elegant and clean look for the showroom. Clients can see precise simulations of home remodels before ever investing a dime.

Based on the environment and desired function, the display needed to be viewed up-close, provide HD resolution with crisp, color-rich imagery and be front-serviceable. D3 delivered a turnkey solution, including everything from project management, engineering, installation and integration. The selected product was D3’s indoor 2.5mm SMD LED display, which exceeded all project requirements, adapting to the unique needs of the project and blending seamlessly into the space.

Display Facts




3000 x 2000

600 LED modules / 10.000 LEDs each / 6.000.000 total LED pixels for a 25'x16' UHD display