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Project Description

Indoor Solutions - "TODAY" show Studio 1A

As part of a total overhaul to NBC's Studio 1A, D3 was an integral member of a select team responsible for transforming the iconic broadcast studio at Rockefeller Center in just 30 days. D3 was tasked with delivering custom indoor LED display solutions that integrate and enhance Studio 1A broadcast systems, stand up to high definition cameras, present seamless content to viewers watching at home, and create defined areas within Studio 1A. Our solutions provided to NBCUniversal include a 1.9mm LED display for the “living room” interview area that is retractable, a curved 2.5mm LED display located above the anchor desk, a 2.5mm LED column display behind the anchor desk and—one of the coolest features—a modular 1.9mm LED window display that can separate into six different panels and rotate 180 degrees to face Rockefeller Plaza.

Exterior Display

Spanning over 70 feet, facing Rockefeller Plaza and 49th Street, the LED display at NBC TODAY Show's Studio 1A features a D3 video and ticker display system that seamlessly broadcasts both live video and text headlines. The display also acts as a dynamic backdrop for special events and show features.

Over 1,000 D3 6mm LED modules were used to create the display surface that wraps the entire studio corner. The three-story glass encased studio is partially layered with exterior-facing D3 displays that allow for further audience interaction with the millions of viewers at home and onlookers vying to be part of the broadcast.

D3 custom designed 8” x 8” SMD modules to fix perfectly into the exterior facing windows. This allowed for an expanded surface area from the previous display and created a thinner footprint. The iconic Studio 1A is fully integrated into the LED display system and allows for up-to-the-minute news, weather, and sports to be broadcast live on the display. The D3 display broadcasts at daylight brightness delivering bright, rich colors even on the sunniest of days.

Display Facts

Interior Displays





Modular 1.9mm LED Window Display that can separate into 6 different panels

Retractable 1.9mm Display

Curved 2.5mm Display

Column 2.5mm Display

Exterior Display


Outdoor 6mm


North Banner: 288px x 1,696px

East Banner: 288px x 1,664px

South Large: 544px x 416px