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Project Description

Dynamic Digital Displays Europe completed its first LED digital display for City Digital Media, part of City Outdoor Ltd, a regional backlight media owner based in Manchester, England.

The 6m x 4m 10mm SMD LED display is the first of City Digital Media’s backlit billboards to be converted to digital, and the company plans to upgrade and invest in additional premium signage sites in Manchester, Sheffield and London. The portrait display has an extensive viewing range of 250 metres, and advertisers will also benefit from its central location, as the Portrait is adjacent to the new Co Op Head Office. The Portrait enjoys a longer than average dwell time as it sits at one of the busiest intersections in Manchester city centre.

City Digital Media wanted to create an iconic digital display with real impact, and much thought went into its design. The digital display features several unique aspects including a separate ticker beneath the main screen, which enables social media interaction and targeted information exchanges, and intelligent lighting to coordinate with the content viewable on the screen.

Display Facts




576px x 384px

"We needed to have the right location to deliver maximum exposure, the right audience and the right iconic structure and screen, and D3’s proactive approach and technology will really deliver that for us."
Steve Smith, Director - City Digital Media and City Outdoor