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LED Display Technology Meets Fashion Forward Fifth Avenue in New York City

Project Description

D3 created a custom LED display for American lifestyle brand GUESS at the brand’s 13,000 square foot flagship store located at 575 Fifth Avenue in New York City. D3 was selected by GUESS to design and engineer a display for what is now the largest GUESS flagship store in the world.

The 6mm SMD LED display is located inside the GUESS store on the main level and plays behind-the-scenes footage from fashion shows, campaign shoots and used for in-store events. The 143,360-pixel screen, encased in a sleek aluminum frame, measures 9 ft. 4 in. high by 6 ft. 4 in. wide and can deliver live and pre-recorded video, plus photos and animations.

Following the success of this project for GUESS, D3 was asked to build a second LED display for store’s second floor.

Display Facts




1st Floor: 448px x 320px
2nd Floor: 384px x 256px