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Project Description

Brands that create an environmental experience connected to a target audience’s image, strengthen brand loyalty. This customer relationship is what Gap Inc. was looking for when it installed the high-resolution LED display filling nearly the entire three-story wall in the atrium at the front of its North Michigan Avenue store in Chicago. The architecture and store designers defined the space. LED display technology from D3 LED, LLC and ComQi, delivered the canvas with larger-than-life brand impact.

D3 was tasked with the challenge of capitalizing on the array of windows in the atrium while ensuring the LED display would not be washed out by the ambient light. The indoor 6mm display was just the product for the job; comprised of 1,327,104 pixels, Gap’s new LED display has the vibrancy and brightness to stand out amid a constant stream of natural light.

Customers are now warmly greeted by Gap Inc.’s fashionable and familiar ad images on the stunning display that measures an impressive 30’ high x 17’ wide. As a focal point in one of the world’s busiest and highest profile retail settings, the 555 N. Michigan Avenue Gap in Chicago has become a truly iconic location for the company.

Display Facts




1536 x 864