Forever 21

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Creating Interactive Destinations

Project Description

To create an experiential moment that would engage customers, D3 provided retail brand Forever 21 with advanced augmented reality capabilities for its new flagship store in Times Square. D3 created a 21-foot high HD display for branded content featuring playful, smiling models interacting with thousands of daily passersby.

Live Polaroid-style photos are taken of the crowd below by the on-screen models, then onlookers are virtually "plucked" from the sidewalk to be included in the action on the LED display.

Everyone Gets Their 15 Seconds of Fame

The Forever 21 Times Square location has exploded into the social media space with thousands of tweets shared across the display each week, countless YouTube uploads of the display itself with several hundred thousand Facebook interactions and counting.

Display Facts




1,160px x 1,760px
480px x 1,056px

"Forever 21 chose D3 to craft a signature spectacular in multiple resolutions - we wanted to make a big, bold statement."
-Architect for Forever 21