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When Disney Wished Upon a Star - D3 Delivered

Project Description

The Walt Disney Company, looking to re-launch its Disney Store brand, set out to build a flagship retail destination in New York City.

D3 was selected as design and technology partner, as well as on-site project manager for the store's digital display applications.

A soaring 2,000 square foot LED display—with four-times HD resolution at 7.2 Megapixels—cascading 6mm storefront screens, and brilliant channel letters blanket the entire storefront.

The display system screens a collection of never before seen content on the media façade, stretching 341 feet above street level.

Bringing a Little Magic to Times Square

Display Facts




1,024px x 1,472px
1,180px x 1,860px

The Aluminum used is enough to make 6,000 drink cans.

The length of wiring used is enough to span the length of Central Park.